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Spring Life Classes 2019


Life Classes are for you!


Life Classes are designed to provide opportunities for you to apply Biblical truths to everyday living and to fulfill your unique purpose. You will finish

your Life Class equipped with tools you need to follow, serve and grow as a disciple of Christ.


March Life Class Registration opens this Sunday, February 10!


This session of Life classes will be held on SUNDAY evenings from 6:00 pm until 7:15 pm on March 10th, 17th and 24th. Classes are offered for children, Refuge students and adults. Class size is limited and registration is required for all age groups and classes.  The final day to register is March 6th.


Please return to this page on February 10. At that time each title will be linked to its online registration form. Please only register for only one Life Class. Each person who registers, must complete a separate registration form except for Life Classes dealing with marriage topics. These registrations will allow you to register as couples.




Discover God’s Word: KIDS ONLY!!

Join with other kids (Grades PK-5) in a fun-filled few weeks of adventuring through God’s word. All students will come together kicking off each night with worship-singing cool action songs. Then, in grade level groups, students will rotate through classes where they will experience hands-on Bible stories, play team-building games, create crafts, and more!



Bullying Hurts – Garen Stanley

Have you ever been bullied? Have you ever witnessed someone being bullied? Have you ever felt like you weren’t accepted into a clique? You are not alone! We invite you to this special interactive series that dives into why hurt people, hurt people and how to forgive and receive healing.


About Garen: At the age of 12 during a Jcrew service I felt God's call on my life that could not be denied. However, filled with fear and not feeling like I "fit in" I ran from God. Until one night in Rush  that I rededicated my life and began to pursue the call. I have now been with the Refuge Student Ministry department for the last 9 years.  I have been told that others describe me as a family centered, ministry minded, loud, humorous, "can get on the kids level" type of person.   I truly believe relationships are the vital component in discipling others to become a follower of Christ. I am grateful for my beautiful wife, Barbara, who has supported the dreams and wild ideas and for our two wonderful children, Kylen and Gunner who keep us on our toes. My prayer for myself, my family and my church family is that we seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven.  My Motto is: Love God and Love People



Friendship NEEDS Boundaries – Angie Franklin

We all have to be intentional about the friendships we have. Every friendship needs boundaries. Properly nurtured friendships, with appropriate boundaries, will add value to your life as opposed to draining you. Together, we will discuss social media “friends,” true friends, and the need to build friendships by setting appropriate boundaries.


About Angie: Angie Franklin along with her husband, Ryan, serves in ministry at The Pentecostals of Alexandria.  Together they lead Kingdom Life on Sunday mornings and Angie assists the team of POA kids on Wednesday nights.  She has a heart for working with children and is involved with providing opportunities that reach beyond the wall of the church. Angie has a Master of Arts degree in Teaching and Educational Leadership. She serves as an Elementary principal within the local community.



I Am Who You Say I Am – Nikkie Clifton

In popular culture, there are many voices that attempt to define us. From social media to peer pressure to friends, we often have a picture of ourselves that doesn’t match who God says we are. Come join us as we look into the truths of God’s Word and walk away knowing how God created each of us with unique strengths, personality and potential and with a very specific purpose in mind.


About Nikkie: Nikkie is staff member for Refuge Ministries (Journey- college and career). He is currently a branch manager for JPMorgan Chase where he has been employed for almost 11 years. Along with his career at Chase, he also works for John Kramer & Son funeral home, where he is a funeral director’s assistant. Between his jobs, he is finishing his degree in Business Management and Administration.



You Believe What?! – Kyle Dillingham

What would you say if you were asked what you believe? Not sure? You have questions; God’s Word has answers! This is going to be an exciting study of some of the fundamentals that make us Apostolic, New Testament believers! Join us as we dig into what it is that we believe and why we believe what we believe. You will leave this class firmly rooted in the Word of God and better equipped than ever to make disciples.


About Kyle: Kyle and his wife Callie have been married for two years. They are on the RUSH youth staff and love spending time with and investing in teenagers. Being raised in a pastor’s home, Kyle grew up in Caney Creek, Texas where his dad assisted the senior pastor and his mom led the music department. In the fall of 2003 God called his family to launch a church in Dayton, Ohio. Today the church has three locations and over 400 members. Kyle was introduced to the POA through the POATC internship in 2013. He has since made Alexandria his home – moving here in October of 2016




A Life Given Away – Shane Spears

Jesus said that John, his cousin, was the greatest man ever born of woman. This great man lived his life alone in the desert and died alone in a prison. He was an outcast and a trailblazer in every sense. His powerful, ragged voice was the first connection to humanity from a 400-year silence from God. John the Baptist: rough, fearless, lonely, world-shaking, and history-altering has much to teach us as we look at how he lived his life, and maybe more importantly, how he gave it away. Come join us as we see what light this very unique and impacting man’s life can shed on our own.


About Shane:Shane thinks the highest compliment you could give him would be to call him a learner. The constant journey to be a better disciple of Jesus, husband, father, and friend is what moves and motivates him. He is blessed to be married to his true love and soul-mate, Teryn, and they are raising 4 boys to change the world.  Shane holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Master of Business Administration.



Apostolic Doctrine – Larry Clark

The apostolic doctrine is the heartbeat of the New Testament church. As an extension of that original church movement, we stand firm on the beliefs that have identified Apostolics throughout all of history. In this class, we will examine the basics of doctrine and its role in our church movement. With a look at the importance of the Godhead and many other fundamental topics, you will leave this class with a clear picture of the apostolic identity to which we stand firm.


About Larry: Larry Clark is a life-long member of POA.  After being baptized by Bishop G. A. Mangun at 6 yrs old, alongside his childhood friend, Pastor Anthony Mangun, Larry began a quest of discipleship that has impacted thousands.  Larry has personally taught hundreds of bible studies over the years as well as leading bible study teams.  He has been a sunday school teacher for more than 40 years and his fingerprints are all over POA.  Time spent with this great man of God will always leave you challenged to reach souls for the Kingdom of God.



Biblical Roots & Fruits: The Validity of the King James Version – Steve Smart

In this class students will be introduced to a semi critical revelation of where Bibles originate and what differences are within their covers and how this relates to the growth and life of a Christian. With a brief introduction to underlying manuscripts and a discussion of “newly found manuscripts,” students will learn the seriousness of this issue and can expect to be able to see, by example, and explain how changes have taken place within the body of the text of different Bibles, even to the extent of crucial doctrines being changed. Students will learn how to better read, understand and effectively study the King James Bible. Each student will receive handouts and a fill-in-the-blank outline (with answers) to follow each ppt.


About Steve: Steve Smart attended LSU Baton Rouge, graduating in the field of Social Sciences in 1972. He was born again in the early 70’s and attended the First UPC of Denham Springs, La under Pastor W.R. Johnson for 24 years until his secular retirement in ’99 and moving to Pineville La, attending church at the POA. After being involved with HBS’s, Ministry Training and Spiritual Growth programs, Brother Smart felt a strong and compelling urge to explore why the King James Bible was so popular, and, in addition, why so many folks are dropping the importance of the literal interpretation of the scriptures. What we’re seeing today is very confusing when more than one Bible version is used in a Bible study. After 15 years of focusing on the pursuit of this truth about the Bible Version issue, Steve will explain why we have so many Bibles, why they are so different and where he believes this issue is heading.



Forgiveness – Cecil Perry, Sr.

Forgiveness is a core character trait of God. You cannot separate God’s love and His forgiveness. We will study the necessity of forgiveness. Old Testament and New Testament characters will be studied as we explore how they forgave the guilty in extraordinary fashion. Learning to forgive others who have wronged you will free your spirit.


About Cecil: Cecil C. Perry, Sr. is an ordained minister with the United Pentecostal Church International.  He began preaching and teaching as a teenager under his pastor, Rev. T. W. Barnes.  He pastored for eight years before coming back to serve as Operations Manager for the Louisiana District UPCI, a position he has held for a total of almost eleven years.  He has been married to his wonderful wife, Gay, for almost forty-two years. In addition to serving as an Usher at POA, he and Gay serve POA as coordinators of our Sixty Plus Group.



H.O.P.E. (Helping Overwhelmed Parents Endure//Helping Our Prodigals Eternally) – Don & Dy Anne Long

In the Fall of 2000, the Longs began to see the enemy inching his way into their son’s life. He was a licensed Student Pastor at the time. They prayed, however, they did not fully understand and take seriously Satan’s strategy. In the Summer Of 2001, they reeled as they watched him deliberately walk away from God. They knew the consequences would not be good. For the next seventeen years, they walked a painful road that, ultimately, included their son’s return and still includes ongoing restoration. From that journey, they purposed to not waste their pain. Their intention was to one day use their story for God’s glory and when asked, agreed to share through this class. It is from a compassion for hurting parents and other family members of prodigals that the Longs invite you to join them as they share their journey. You will leave encouraged and equipped to stay the course and welcome your prodigals home.



“I Do” Take Two - A Guide to Hope, Healing &Love for Second Marriages. – Doug & Tami Oliver

Second Marriages can be challenging but they can survive and even thrive! Doug and Tami have both been previously married and reared a blended family. They will share insights of successes as well as situations that they wish they would have handled differently. In this class they will discuss such topics as: mine, yours, and ours – challenges of blended families; establishing healthy boundaries with past and present family members; and dealing with unfinished emotional business. Please join us if you desire frank, interactive discussions on this important topic.


About Doug & Tami: Doug and Tami have been married for 28 years and together they have four adult children, and four beautiful grandchildren with another grandson arriving soon.   Several years ago Doug began a journey of deep emotional healing and spiritual growth.  As a result of that process, he felt God calling him to make a career shift that would allow continued growth. In following that call, Doug became a Certified Relationship Coach through the American Association of Christian Counseling as well as a Certified Biblical Counselor. Tami qualified herself to work alongside Doug by receiving a certification as a Christian Life Coach through the American Association of Christian Counseling. Doug and Tami have a God given passion to work with couples who have experienced the devastating effects of pornography or infidelity and desire healing and wholeness in their relationship.



I Was Broke. Now I’m Not. Part I – Kenny Elliott & Heath Wester ($30 Materials Fee)

$30 Materials Fee provides book, workbook and materials for March and May Sessions

Are you ready to be financially free? Are you ready to be flexible and able to do what you have been put on earth to do? Join us for this practical, action-oriented and Biblically-based study. You will be inspired to take charge of your finances through these three key lessons: how to use the I Was Broke. Now I’m Not. Ladder to set financial goals; how to fund your plans, hopes & dreams; how do develop a spending plan and budget that actually works. Money doesn’t have to be a frustrating or confusing topic. When you apply the practical tools shared in this class, you will have the opportunity to gain control of your finances and be equipped to live a fully funded life. Part II of this course will be offered during the May Life Class session (the fee covers both March and May sessions).


About Kenny: Kenny Elliott  has been a member of the POA since January of 2014 and enjoys serving with his son Elijah. Before coming to the POA he served in various ministry capacities, and has designed, organized, and led outreach and discipleship programs. He holds a degree in Business Administration from Northwestern State University and graduate with a Master of Business Administration in Finance in December of 2017. He has worked as a Financial Advisor/Planner for the past 11 years and has worked for JP Morgan as a Private Client Advisor since 2010 helping families and organizations plan and invest for the future and is a Certified Financial Planner©.


About Heath: Heath Wester has been working in financial services for over 18 years.  His work experience includes time spent as a loan officer, branch manager and for the last 8 years as an investment adviser helping families and businesses navigate the road to retirement.  He holds a degree in Business Administration from Northwestern State University. Spending time with his wife Spring and his children, Daisy and Garrett, is one of his favorite pastimes.  He has been blessed to be a part of the POA family for almost 20 years.



Leader – Pastor Ryan Franklin

Are you a leader fulfilling a leadership role? Do you feel the desire to lead? Are you ready to grow to a new level? Whether you are already a leader in some capacity here at the POA, or you have a desire to lead in the future, this class is for you! As we will learn, leading is not about acquiring a position or a title, leading is about using the gifts God has given you to influence and guide others along the journey of discipleship. In this class, you will learn principles to better lead yourself, lead others, and lead within the church. Regardless of your life age or stage, if you are ready to grow as a leader, come join us!


About Pastor Ryan: Prior to becoming involved in full-time church ministry in 2005, Ryan Franklin's natural leadership gifts brought him to the forefront in the field of nursing.  He served as a nursing director at George Washington Hospital in Washington, DC, where he was an integral part of restructuring and revitalizing what was a failing health care facility. Ryan currently serves as the Ministries Pastor at the Pentecostals of Alexandria, charged with overseeing many of the adult ministries of the local church. He has a Master of Arts in Christian Ministry: Pastoral Counseling from Liberty University. Ryan is the author of several popular Bible studies, including The Bible Made Simple. He also has experience as a Leadership Coach assisting with the development of church leaders. He and his wife, Angie, are raising two tremendous kids, Olivia and Neil.



Marriages Made to Last – Tim & Gail Waters

No matter how long you have been married and regardless of how successful you feel your marriage is, we all can agree that marriage is an institution of continual learning. God’s desire for his children is to not just survive marriage, but to thrive in our marriages and experience His grand design to its fullest. But like many things in the Kingdom of God, in order to realize the marriage God has for us, we must invest our energy and effort. A good marriage makes the good times better and the bad times bearable. But good marriages don’t just happen, good marriages are built one day, one week, one year at a time. Join Tim and Gail Waters as they share solid marriage principles and real life experiences. Come prepared to laugh as we tackle this thing called marriage.


About Tim & Gail: Tim and Gail have been married over thirty years, and for the last eight years have lead the Young Marrieds Class at the POA. They have two married sons, and one granddaughter. Tim is a registered pharmacist and has worked in the pharmaceutical industry for thirty years. Gail has worked at POA as a graphic artist for the last fifteen years. Before coming to POA, she was a teacher for Rapides Parish Schools and holds a masters degree in gifted education and technology.



Parenting, Technology and Kids oh MY! – Derek Parker

Technology has become a noticeable part of daily family life, and like it or not, it is here to stay. With all the benefits of being digitally connected, there are also challenges for parents. How is technology changing the way our families communicate and interact with each other? How can we help protect and guide our children from inappropriate content and connections? As parents in this technology generation, our responsibility to guide our children toward habits of appropriate use is critical. In this interactive class, we will discuss how to use technology as a purposeful tool, learn tips and tricks for connecting/disconnecting gaming consoles to the world of other players, and learn to set safeguards for navigating YouTube and other apps. Come join us as dive into the digital world.


About Derek: Derek Parker graduated from the University of New Orleans with a degree in Management Information Systems.  He has spent over 20 years in the Information Technology field and currently is the Manager of Data Integrity at CHRISTUS Health.  Derek has also been involved in ministry with the United Pentecostal Church International for over 15 years.  He served as youth pastor, assistant pastor, and sectional youth director in the New Orleans area.  He also had the privilege of pastoring a church for nine years.



Power of Prayer – Pastor Mangun, Vesta Mangun & Rob Riddle

The backbone of the POA has always been a commitment to the power of prayer. The power of prayer is not limited only to our gathering together, but is also extended into your personal walk with God. This class will examine prayer from many different perspectives. Whether you are a seasoned prayer warrior, or you are developing a stronger walk with God, these sessions will challenge you and equip you to step even deeper into the waters of prayer and shake the foundations of the world!



Real Colors – Lynn & Carla Rogers ($12 Materials Fee)

Do you want to know your communication style and how to communicate more effectively in business, at home, in the community and at church? If so, this highly interactive, hands-on class is for you! Real Colors is a tool that helps you quickly and accurately identify your own temperament and that of your clients, peers, family. Because the Real Colors tool has been used in a variety of groups at POA for years, continuing to expand this tool allows POA leaders, ministers, and members to learn a common language to help discuss communications styles and temperaments.


About Lynn: Lynn Rogers was first introduced to Real Colors during a 2004 marriage retreat. Shortly afterwards, he began working with the POA Real Colors team to present pre-marital training to couples.  As a thirty-something year veteran of student ministry in four churches in three states, Lynn serves as a Ministry Team Leader and Section Minister for the POA.  He loves his bi-weekly teen bible study, which keeps him in touch with his student ministry roots.  Lynn holds a B.S. in Biomedical Engineering and a M.S. in Healthcare Administration and currently works as Facility Strategic Planner for the Alexandria VA Health Care System.



Single Parenting that Works – Lakeitha Williams & Penny Rai

“Are you faced with the seemingly impossible task of being a single parent? America’s favorite parenting expert, Dr. Kevin Leman, brings help and hope to single parents struggling to raise happy, healthy, and well-adjusted children in a loving, caring, and biblically-grounded way”. This three-week class will encourage and provide biblical and practical insight for single parents to build healthy relationships with ex-spouses and to raise children to love and honor the Lord. Sessions 1 & 2 will include facilitator-led sessions and the final session will include a panel of special guests who will share insights and testimonies. Single parents will learn not only to survive these busy years, but how to thrive—together!


About Lakeitha: Lakeitha Williams single mom to Daniel and Dailyn, mom-in-law to Julie, and “Nanna” to Dailen and Mia.  Daniel is a recent graduate from Louisiana College, and Dailyn started his freshmen year at McNeese University in August. While single parenting, Lakeitha obtained her BA in Social Work and Certification in Addiction Counseling. She is currently a Louisiana Certified Addiction Counselor and Master Level Social Worker. In December she graduated with her Masters in Social Work from LSU Baton Rouge. Lakeitha is currently a Community Resource Specialist for Cenla United Way’s Strong Neighborhood Project. Lakeitha was born in Alexandria and raised in Breaux Bridge La. She has lived in Alexandria for over 20 years and a POA member for over 17 years.  She works in Altar Work Ministry, Prayer Team, Choir and Praise Team member, Kingdom Life SS class, and Single Mom’s Connect Group leader.


About Penny: Penny Rai has been a single mom for 14 years.  She has two daughters that are in college.  Since becoming a single mom, she has earned a BA in Business Management, a BS degree in Accounting. In December she graduated with her M.B.A. from LSU Shreveport.  She also is a Certified Medical Office Manager. Penny is currently an accountant with a healthcare management company and has previously worked as a financial manager for a physician’s medical practice.  This summer Penny also began teaching part time at Blue Cliff College. She has lived in Alexandria for 10 years and attends the POA.  She works in Wonderland, POA kids and the single mother’s ministry. You will often find her working behind the scenes somewhere on the POA campus.



Some Lessons I’ve Learned – Thetus Tenney

Sometimes, in the absence of dress rehearsals and practice runs for life situations, it helps us all to hear from someone who has “been there and done that.” Thetus Tenney brings to the table a life lived well for over 84 years, filled with the Holy Ghost for 76 of those years, and teaching 69 of them. You’ll want to listen and learn from the lessons she’s learned along the way.


About Thetus: Thetus is a member of POA, with a life long history of teaching and speaking in events attended by multiplied thousands, and Sunday School classes with just a few.  At age 84, her wisdom and knowledge combined with her experiences in life, make her an excellent source of hope and help for you and me wherever we are on our own life's journey.  She loves God, she loves people, she loves teaching.  She loves her kids (2) and her grandkids (5), and her great-grands (9).



Temple Cleansing: Taking Care of the Body – Deb Cook

I Corinthians 6:19 “What? Know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own?” Sharing from her own personal journey of healing and deliverances from 14+ years of anorexia/bulimia and other destructive mindsets, Deb will facilitate this interactive class. The class will explore clean eating and small steps towards wholeness in mind, body, soul and spirit with open discussion and recipe sharing.


About Deb: Deb Cook and her husband, Bryan have been members at POA for 13 years and are actively involved in the POA music ministry. She is the Administrative Assistant to Pastor & Sis. Mickey. Deb spent 12 years teaching in junior high and high school Sunday School before coming to POA where she & Bryan served on YMC staff for 11 years. Deb has taught several module classes (now Life Classes) at POA and has found that in every class, the teacher learns as much as the class attendees. We are all on a journey together... from glory to glory changed into his image.



Temples & Tabernacles – Roger Skluzacek

In this class light will be shed on the seeming conspiracy of silence about the Tabernacle. Even though it is a very neglected area of study, its sacrifices, services, priesthood, and feasts are central to the understanding of the entire Bible. Many hidden treasures found throughout the Bible will be brought to light. The Tabernacle of both Moses and David and Solomon’s Temple give us blueprints of the plan of salvation, prophecy, the church, discipleship, true worship, and heaven. In addition to the workable pattern for prayer provided by Pastor in his book, Heaven to Earth, this class will give insight into the setup of the tabernacles and temples, the eternal purpose of God and what is required of us as tabernacles and temples.


About Roger: In 1972, Roger Skluzacek began to fulfill a promise to God that if He showed him that He was real, he would serve Him. Immediately upon coming to the truth, he began teaching Home Bible studies and in time began serving in various ministries, i.e. bus routes, visitation, choir, tape ministry, youth ministry, scouts, dramas, and coordinator of the 13-year-old Sunday School class for 23 years. As the Outreach Director for 20 years, he led in the development of Ministry Training, Orientation, Baptistry workers, Record Keepers, and Ministry Teams. He is currently over Discover your Ministry and Ministry Teams. Roger is retired after working as lead in Adult Education and quality improvement initiatives for the Air Force and later the Army.



Tools to Tackle the Word – Mary Wolfe

The very basic premise of discipleship is “learn of Me.” The Greek word for “learner” is what the Bible used to describe the followers of Jesus. Jesus repeatedly emphasized the importance of knowing the Word: “Search the scripture.. they are they which testify of me.” (John 5:39) In this Life Class, we will explore the admonitions in the Word to study and learn the scriptures and the rewards of doing so. Don’t know where to begin? This class will introduce you to very valuable apps, tools and resources that are available today and show you how to use them effectively. One does not have to be an electronic whiz to do so. Most are instantly accessible and easy-to-use. Come join us as we learn to tap in to the truth of God’s Word with practical tools.


About Mary: Mary was born and raised in a Pentecostal pastor’s home and was active as a teenager in teaching and working in the church.  From 1961 until 1987, she and her husband evangelized and pastored.   They established a Christmas for Christ church in Danville, VA, pastored UPC churches in Camp Eight, Whitehall, and Calhoun, Louisiana.  She has always felt passionate about teaching.   Mary served on district women’s ministry committees and has spoken for women’s conferences and seminars.  She has written for religious publications and recently had a book published, Trusting God with the Unexplained.    Since 1987 Mary has attended The Pentecostals of Alexandria where she has been very active and has taught many classes.  She also served several years as Pastor Anthony Mangun’s correspondence secretary after she retired from the federal government as administrative medical secretary at England Air Force Base and Alexandria VA Medical Center.  It has been said of Mary:  “Mary is a gifted teacher and has for many years, in many roles, taught lessons from the Word at The Pentecostals of Alexandria and beyond.  She is outstanding in her study and in her presentation.”


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