Adult Ministry

YMC (Young Marrieds Class)

YMC (Young Marrieds Class) meets every Sunday morning from 9:30 am until 10:25 am in the Family Room (located in the GA Mangun Center).  This class is designed for those who have been married 0-10 years.


YMC is exciting!  Relevant, 21st-century topics are discussed with relevant Biblical answers.  Lesson topics range from tools to empower the Christian marriage to simple Biblical discipleship principles.  The class is interactive, and participation is encouraged.


YMC is especially interested in seeing young marriages established on firm foundations.  Our marriage builder mentor program for those couples married from 1-3 years is an integral part of YMC.


Friendships and relationships are also an important part of the class.  Each month YMC hosts a social activity to facillitate fellowship and community among the young marrieds of the POA.  These events range from game nights at the family life center, to special date nights, to family picnics.


If you've been looking for a way to connect with other couples in the earlier stages of life together and build a great Christian marriage God's way, YMC is for you!


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Kingdom Life

Kingdom Life Sunday school class offers a mature approach to spiritual advancement.  This class provides participants the opportunity to dive deeper into the Word while also learning what it means to have a Kingdom mindset.  The lessons in this class apply to the daily lives of the adult Christian, whether male or female, single or married.  Classes are held at 9:30 am on Sundays in the auditorium of the G. A. Mangun Center.


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Service Schedule

Sunday School, 9:30 am


Sunday Morning Worship, 10:30 am

Sunday Evening Worship, 6:00 pm


Wednesday Evening, 7:00 pm



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