The Power of Psalm 23

In today’s POAKids Connection Devotion, our children remind us of the power of Psalm 23 and song, and Amber Eskew brings to life a story of Jesus being a shepherd to hungry people. Download today’s devotion, gather your children around, and be reminded of the Promise of Provision.

Listening to God

In today’s POAKids Connection Rachel Smoak takes our children outside to teach them to be still and listen to God.  Have your children gather these supplies before diving into the lesson for today:


-Prayer Journal (made last week)

-Pencil or Pen

-Colors, Markers, or Colored Pencils


*Note:  Rachel has taken today’s listening activity from 7 Essentials of Kids Prayer 2.0 by Angie Clark.



Thank you for joining us today!  We hope today brought great hope and the blessed reminder that God loves you, and He will take care of you.  Be still, listen to His voice, and be assured that He will meet your needs.


We look forward to seeing you tomorrow for another great devotion and some pretty exciting encouragement from our POAKids for our church family!


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