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Fall Life Classes 2019 - Session II


Life Classes are for you!

Life Classes are for you!  Life Classes are designed to provide opportunities for you to apply Biblical truths to everyday living and to fulfill your unique purpose.  You will finish your Life Class equipped with tools you need to follow, serve and grow as a disciple of Christ.


October Life Class Registration is now open!  Life classes will be held on SUNDAY evenings October 6th, 13th, and 20th from 6:00 pm until 7:15 pm. Class size is limited and registration is required. You may register by clicking the appropriate link below or by  visiting one of  the welcome centers located in the foyer.  The final day to register is September 29th.


Wonderland Child Care

Wonderland Nursery is available for children ages 6 weeks through 3rd birthday. If you are attending a life class and require child care, please click the link to register your child.  Please register to secure a place for your child.




Discover God’s Word:  KIDS ONLY!!

Register your PK-5 here

Join with other kids (Grades PK-5) in a fun-filled few weeks of adventuring through God’s word. All students will come together kicking off each night with worship-singing cool action songs. Then, in grade level groups, students will rotate through classes where they will experience hands-on Bible stories, play team-building games, create crafts, and more!





Mind Power – Robert Bullard

The greatest battle that we face is the battle of our mind.  It is a struggle that every person inevitably will fight, yet few prevail unscathed.  With the world pressuring us from every angle, unless we have built up the wisdom to understand what is being put before us, it is a battle that will surely be tough, if not impossible to win.  Come study with us as we learn how the word of God shows us very uniquely how we can overcome and win every struggle, starting with a made-up mind.


Robert Bullard has been a member of the POA since September of 2014.  He lives in Alexandria with his wife Toni, their son Kason, and a baby girl on the way.  Robert works as the Sales Manager at Walker Mercedes Benz & BMW.  He and his wife have been involved in youth ministry for three years and have a passion for seeing young people grow in Christ and strengthen their relationship in the church.  He enjoys traveling and spending time with his family in his free time.


Tell The World – Nikkie Clifton

Hello, my name is Nikkie Clifton. I haven’t always been in church at POA, and my story is quite interesting. I came to church the first time out of curiosity; I had heard tales of the demonstrative worship and decided to “try it.” Well, IT got me! At a RUSH retreat on November 20, 2004, I received the gift of the Holy Ghost, with the evidence of speaking in other tongues, and I was baptized in Jesus’ Name on November 28, 2004. That was just the beginning of my journey.  My desire for ministry and a deeper walk with the Lord, led me into deep prayer, fasting, and studying the Word of God. Each of us has a different journey, but we are all called to be disciples and tell the world the story of our journey with Jesus. Join me as I give Biblical principles and share my own life experiences in pursuit of telling the world about Jesus.


Nikkie Clifton is a staff member for Refuge Ministries (Journey- college and career). He is currently working as a branch manager for JPMorgan Chase where he has been employed for almost 11 years. Along with his career at Chase, he also works for John Kramer & Son funeral home, where he is a funeral director’s assistant. And if that weren’t enough to keep him busy, he is also finishing his degree in Business Management and Administration.


True Friendships:  We Saved You a Seat – Danielle Cox

Do you want to learn the meaning of a true friend? How to have boundaries? How to be the best you while being a disciple of Jesus? We will discuss how to find and keep lasting, unconditional friendships while being a disciple. Come and let’s search scriptures to learn how to create, invest, and establish lifelong friendships. Jesus commanded us to love our neighbor. True Friendships will teach us how to follow His command.


Danielle Cox is happily married to Andrew Cox and they have the most adorable little girl named Emma-Claire! Danielle has led student ministry for eleven years and has served on various local, state, and national student and women’s committees. She sincerely loves serving with the best students on the planet! Danielle earnestly anticipates what God has planned for every student she encounters.





Adulting 101 – Davin & Melissa Ainsworth//Kent & Tonya Clark

No one gives us a manual on how to grow up. Many times, we grow older, but not necessarily wiser. Managing the transition of life from the early twenties through the thirties can be exciting and fulfilling; however, it can also be frustrating. With a little encouragement and practical wisdom, we believe these times can be even more rewarding than our early years. Join us as the four of us talk through what we’ve learned and are still learning about balancing finances, church work, kids and managing the home. We’ll share some very practical lessons that have helped us and hopefully will encourage you during this time of your life.


Davin and Melissa Ainsworth have been active members of the POA for many years.  Melissa was born and raised at POA, and Davin has been attending the POA since 1998.  They serve as the High School Senior Coordinators and also lead the Matthew 25 outreach for the POA.  Melissa has served in various capacities in children and youth ministries for thirty years and has been a public school teacher for twenty-five years.  She enjoys traveling and spending time with family and friends.  Davin is retired and is also a business owner. He enjoys hunting, fishing, riding UTV’s, traveling, discussing business opportunities, encouraging others in life and good conversations with friends and family.  They have two fantastic children: Anderson, who is in elementary school and Allie, who is in high school.


Kent and Tonya Clark

Kent and Tonya have been active members of the POA for many years. Kent was born and raised in the POA and Tonya has been at the POA since 1997. They have served for over 20 years in various Youth Ministries including Kid’s Ministry, Junior High, Senior High, Sunday School coordinators and Campus Ministry. They currently lead the Journey College and Career Ministry which serves the single young adults ages 18-25, where they have been since 2009.


The Basics of Emotional Health – Natoshia (Tossi) Wellman

Emotional health is an important part of wholeness.  Emotionally healthy individuals are in control of their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. They can process through, and cope with, life’s challenges. Emotionally healthy people see themselves through the filter of “what God says about me is true.”  Come join us as we discover what it means to be emotionally healthy and how to rest secure in our identity in Christ.


Natoshia Wellman (Tossi) has been a member of POA since 1996 and serves as the POA Emotional Health Ministry department leader.  She holds a Master of Arts in professional counseling from Liberty University and is a Provisional Licensed Professional Counselor. She identifies herself as a life transformed through the grace and mercy of God.  Her declaration statement is, “I am forgiven, redeemed, and loved by Christ!”


The Book of Hebrews – Roger Skluzacek

The study of the Book of Hebrews provides a greater understanding of the provisions of the New Covenant:  the better way, including the promises, the royal priesthood, the rest, and the heavenly sanctuary. It gives the church the desired next step of growth toward greater intimacy with Christ, more faith, new commitment, perseverance, and bolder acts of service. It shows Jesus in His absolute pre-eminence sufficient in power, majesty, love, mercy and grace. You will see the warnings Paul used to keep the Jewish believers from backsliding into their old ways, tradition, worldliness, formality, and indifference. Key in Paul’s discipling is the sound advice given to those losing their salvation on how to attain maturity. What the angels desired to look into but was given to us will encourage wholehearted progress in our Christian lives.


In 1972, Roger Skluzacek began to fulfill a promise to God that if He showed him that He was real, he would serve Him. Immediately upon coming to the truth, he began teaching Home Bible studies and in time began serving in various ministries, i.e. bus routes, visitation, choir, tape ministry, youth ministry, scouts, dramas, and coordinator of the Thirteen-Year-Old Sunday School class for twenty-three years. As the Outreach Director for twenty years, he led in the development of Ministry Training, Orientation, Baptistry Workers, Record Keepers, and Ministry Teams. He is currently over Discover Your Ministry and Ministry Teams. Roger is retired after working as lead in Adult Education and quality improvement initiatives for the Air Force and later the Army. He has a bachelor’s degree in Botany from the University of Iowa and a Master’s degree in Management and Public Administration from Webster University in St. Louis Missouri


Building a Strong Family – Tim & Gail Waters

The family – God’s first institution. Almost all of us have one, belong to one, or will have one someday. When we look at His divine design we discover that it was never His intention for us to make our journey on Earth in isolation. He knew we needed one another. It is no secret, however, that families are under attack. This crazy world we live in is not and probably never will be conducive to families. And while the perfect family is a myth (in spite of what you may see on social media), we can build strong families. In fact, we must build strong families. Join Tim and Gail Waters as they present a real look at what it takes to have a strong family.


Tim and Gail Waters have been married over thirty years, and for the last eight years have lead the Young Marrieds Class at the POA. They have two married sons, and one granddaughter. Tim is a registered pharmacist and has worked in the pharmaceutical industry for thirty years. Gail has worked at POA as a graphic artist for the last fifteen years. Before coming to POA, she was a teacher for Rapides Parish Schools and holds a masters degree in gifted education and technology.


The Dangers of Not Living – Rob Riddle

We all want to live life to the very fullest. Media and marketing strategies promote the idea of living a fulfilled life, and we are surrounded with strategies, opportunities and instructions on how to achieve that life.  Yet, sometimes it feels like we just exist; the days and weeks fly by, and we never seem to attain the contentment and satisfaction that the Bible talks about.  God has given us so many promises of Life, not only eternally, but here and now, and it is His desire that we live fully in our body, our soul and in our spirit, so that we truly become living epistles, known and read by all men, showing His astounding love, power, and grace.  In this class we will discuss what the Bible describes as “Living,” how to avoid the “Dangers of not Living,” and what to do when you find yourself stuck in the “Existing Rut” so that you can start living again.


Rob Riddle and his wife Pam are currently the World Missions Directors of POA and have been members since 2007. Through his passion for foreign missions, Rob has traveled ministering and teaching Bible doctrine in many countries giving him many experiences and interesting insights that he desires to share through sharing God’s Word.


Disciple-Makers – Larry Clark, Gale Lucas, Jason Robbins, and Jennifer Williams

We have been called by God to be disciples who make disciples.  Pastor Mangun has given us a clear mandate to make disciples and continues to draw us back to disciple-making as the heartbeat and purpose of our church.  Are you ready and willing to take on this challenge but not quite sure where to start?  Are you in need of a refreshing at how to make a disciple?  If so, come join us in Disciple Makers. You will have the opportunity to learn Bible-study and disciple-making tips and tools from several experienced POA Disciple Makers, and you will leave equipped as you take up the challenge: Everyone a disciple; Go make disciples.


Larry Clark is a life-long member of POA.  After being baptized by Bishop G. A. Mangun at six years old, alongside his childhood friend, Pastor Anthony Mangun, Larry began a quest of discipleship that has impacted thousands.  Larry has personally taught hundreds of Bible studies over the years as well as leading Bible study teams.  He has been a Sunday school teacher for more than forty years and his fingerprints are all over POA.  Time spent with this great man of God will always leave you challenged to reach souls for the Kingdom of God.


Gale Lucas has been a member of POA for 69 years. She has taught Sunday school for twenty-five years, served on bus route ministry for over twenty years, and taught one hundred-twenty precious twelve year olds in Covenant Class.  Alongside her late husband, Buddy, they hosted many young ministers and missionaries in their home. She continues to teach Bible Basics on a regular basis.  Mother to two, grandmother to four, she loves time with family.


Jason E. Robbins has been a licensed minister with the Louisiana Dist. UPCI, and a Registered Evangelist with the UPCI for thirteen years.  Robbins has been on youth staff for twelve years, having recently transitioned from youth ministry to the Director of Men’s Ministry of the POA.  In addition to ministry, Robbins has been a Federal Government Security Contractor for fifteen years, holding the position of Senior Instructor for Firearms, Defensive Tactics, and National Weapons Detections.  Robbins overseas all the training for the State of Louisiana and Texas.  Robbins sits on the Board of NaPsi (National Protective Security Institute) as a Senior Advisor on the Use of Force. Robbins holds Senior Instructor License with Safariland Training Group, NRALE, DHS,FPS, and ARC.


Rev. Jenifer Williams is a licensed ordained minister, teacher, and conference speaker. She holds a Doctorate degree in Pastoral Care and Counseling and Master’s Degree(s) in Psychology and Counseling.  Dr. Williams is also a National Certified Counselor and a Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor (LPC-S). She has a strong passion for prayer and souls, and has been actively involved in home and foreign missions in the United States and around the world.


Faith 101 – Thetus Tenney

You don't need a whole lot, just use what you've got...We would all love to use and understand our faith a little better. We know that we need faith to please God and know that we all have a certain amount of it, but how much is enough?  In this class, we will journey into a scriptural study to understand the purpose of faith, to learn how to grow our faith, and to activate our faith.  Come share together as we build our faith.


Thetus Tenney is a member of POA, with a life long history of teaching and speaking at events attended by multiplied thousands, and Sunday school classes with just a few.  At age eighty-four, her wisdom and knowledge combined with her experiences in life, make her an excellent source of hope and help for you and me wherever we are on our own life's journey.  She loves God, she loves people, she loves teaching.  She loves her kids (two) and her grandkids (five), and her great-grands (nine).


Foundational Prayer – Deb Cook

foun·da·tion·al (/founˈdāSH(ə)nəl/): denoting an underlying basis or principle; fundamental.

Do your prayers sometimes seem scattered and sporadic? Have you ever wondered if you’re asking “amiss?” We all want to build a consistent, powerful prayer life that moves mountains and tears down strongholds.  Maybe you’ve tried patterns of prayer and felt as if those have become vain repetition. Join us as we focus on the basics of building a consistent, powerful prayer life based on the Word of God and experience the joy of daily spending time talking with God.


Deb Cook and her husband, Bryan have been members at POA for thirteen years and are actively involved in the POA music ministry. She is the Administrative Assistant to Pastor & Sis. Mickey. Deb spent twelve years teaching in junior high and high school Sunday School before coming to POA where she & Bryan served on YMC staff for eleven years. Deb has taught several Life Classes at POA and has found that in every class the teacher learns as much as the class attendees. We are all on a journey together... from glory to glory changed into His image.


The Fundamentals of Studying the Bible – Pamela Riddle

"The secret things belong unto God, but those things which are revealed belong unto us..." Deuteronomy 29:29. Do you find the Bible confusing to read? Does it seem difficult to understand? Do you sometimes think "How in the world does this apply to me?"  Then this class is for you! Veteran Bible student and teacher, Pam Riddle will share fundamental bible studying principles that will reveal the word of God in a whole new way. Together we'll explore different ways to study the Word of God and find the promises that belong to you.  You'll learn practical and easy tools that you can use right away; from the principle of First Mentions to the Law of Threes, we'll provide the skills to make studying your bible an exciting adventure every day.


A veteran Bible study teacher, Pamela Riddle has been actively teaching bible studies around the world for over twenty-five years.  She has taught classes ranging in size from a single student, to auditoriums with over three hundred participants.  She absolutely believes that there is nothing so exciting as receiving revelation from the word of God, and passes that excitement to her students throughout her lessons.


Honoring the Lord with Your Finances- Paul Miller

Let Christian principles guide your financial planning activities while keeping the proper balance between building wealth and laying up treasure in Heaven. This class will explore developing budgets that provide for today’s needs, while planning for a secure future. Topics will include information on getting rid of debt, stewardship, investing, and planning for retirement. Lessons will be shared from the life and experienced perspective of one now entering the “Golden Years” of retirement.


Paul Miller is a Professional Engineer who graduated from Louisiana Tech University in 1979 and who recently retired after working in the environmental field for more than forty years. Paul and family returned to the Alexandria area and became POA members in 1993. He has served as an Usher for over ten years and previously taught Sunday school and Financial Peace Classes. Paul, married to Brenda for over thirty-eight years, have a son, (Jonathan married to Bethany) and a daughter (Andrea married to Chris Hebron) and grandchildren Kate and Landon.


Jesus – Shane Spears

It's absurd that God would come and live as a human. It makes absolutely no sense at all, yet it really happened. He really lived, walked, and talked in the flesh, just like us. He really formed relationships with people, had friends and enemies, and had a social life. He really bonded with people and cried and laughed at the ups and downs of life with His friends. It really happened. He lived among us, like us, yet so far beyond us. Come join us as we look at the humanity of this Jesus. How did He live this life?  What were His relationships like? How did He handle the glorious tragedy of giving up His life for the sake of others? Come take a deeper look into the life of Jesus and learn how He lived, and learn to live as He lived to re-present Him to the world.  When we look closely at Jesus, we see so much beauty, and if we allow it to, it will change us forever all over again.


BIO:  Shane thinks the highest compliment you could give him would be to call him a learner. The constant journey to be a better disciple of Jesus, husband, father, and friend is what moves and motivates him. He is blessed to be married to his true love and soul-mate, Teryn, and they are raising 4 boys to change the world.  Shane holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Master of Business Administration.


Leader 1.0 – Pastor Ryan Franklin

Are you a leader fulfilling a leadership role?  Do you feel the desire to lead?  Are you ready to grow to a new level? Whether you are already a leader in some capacity here at the POA, or you have a desire to lead in the future, this class is for you!  As we will learn, leading is not about acquiring a position or a title, leading is about using the gifts God has given you to influence and guide others along the journey of discipleship. In this class, you will learn principles to better lead yourself, lead others, and lead within the church.  Regardless of your life age or stage, if you are ready to grow as a leader, come join us!


Prior to becoming involved in full-time church ministry in 2005, Ryan Franklin's natural leadership gifts brought him to the forefront in the field of nursing.  He served as a nursing director at George Washington Hospital in Washington, DC, where he was an integral part of restructuring and revitalizing what was a failing health care facility. Ryan currently serves as the Ministries Pastor at the Pentecostals of Alexandria, charged with overseeing many of the adult ministries of the local church. He has a Master of Arts in Christian Ministry: Pastoral Counseling from Liberty University. Ryan is the author of several popular Bible studies, including The Bible Made Simple. He also has experience as a Leadership Coach assisting with the development of church leaders. He and his wife, Angie, are raising two tremendous kids, Olivia and Neil.


Love Mercy:  A Study in Forgiveness – Cecil Perry, Sr.

Micah 6:8. “...what doth the LORD require of thee, but to do justly, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with thy God?”  We must fall in love with showing mercy.  We will study the necessity of forgiveness and how men in the Bible were so amazingly able to forgive.  Old Testament and New Testament characters will be studied as we explore how they forgave the guilty in extraordinary fashion.  Learning to forgive others who have wronged us will free our spirit.


Cecil C. Perry, Sr. is an ordained minister with the United Pentecostal Church International.  He began preaching and teaching as a teenager under his pastor, Rev. T. W. Barnes.  He pastored for eight years before coming back to serve as Operations Manager for the Louisiana District UPCI, a position he has held for a total of almost eleven years.  He has been married to his wonderful wife, Gay, for almost forty-two years. In addition to serving as an Usher at POA, he and Gay serve POA as coordinators of our Sixty Plus Group.


The Love of a Child- Angie Franklin

Every child we encounter gives and receives love through one of five communication styles and express those styles in a variety of ways. As a parent, Sunday school teacher, or adult, your love language may be completely different from that of your child or children with whom we come in contact. Come discover the five love languages that represent the way your child or how other children give and receive love as we dive into the book, The 5 Love Languages of Children by Chapman and Campbell.

Angie Franklin became a member of the Pentecostals of Alexandria when she began attending LSUA is the summer of 1999. She is the wife of Pastor Ryan Franklin and together they have two children, Olivia and Neil Franklin.  She holds Masters of Arts degrees in Teaching and Educational Leadership.  She currently serves as an elementary principal with the Rapides Parish School Board.


Mind Monsters – Derek Parker

Every day we are bombarded with Mind Monsters:  negative messages from society, the media, and even from self-talk.  Mind monsters are those negative thoughts we all battle, the creeping shadows in the corners of our minds that feed our insecurities, worries, and fears. They will steal your life-if you let them. But there is good news! You can take control.  This class will show you how to recognize destructive thoughts, take them captive, and use Biblical truths to overcome them.  Today you have a choice: Will you allow your mind monsters to take up residence, affecting who you are and God’s plan for your life, or will you conquer them and experience a life that is positive, abundant, joyful, and overflowing with peace?


Derek Parker graduated from the University of New Orleans with a degree in Management Information Systems.  He has spent over twenty years in the Information Technology field and currently is the Manager of Data Integrity at CHRISTUS Health.  Derek has also been involved in ministry with the United Pentecostal Church International for over fifteen years.  He served as youth pastor, assistant pastor, and sectional youth director in the New Orleans area.  He also had the privilege of pastoring a church for nine years.


pas·sion /ˈpaSHən/ (No Registration required for this Life Class) - Pastor Mangun & Sis. Vesta Mangun

It has often been said that the most powerful human force on earth is the human soul on fire, burning with passion and propelled towards a cause or movement.  In our culture, there is no shortage of human-directed passion.  As children of God, we are called to burn with God-directed passion and to be propelled towards action in our daily lives.  Come join us as we dive into cultivating passion and using that to propel us into active Kingdom work.


Pastor Anthony Mangun is a graduate of Bolton High School in Alexandria.  He attended Apostolic Bible Institute in St. Paul, MN and Louisiana College in Pineville, LA before going into full-time ministry as an evangelist in the late 1960s.  Following six years of itinerant ministry (1969-1975), during which he married Mickey Lumpkin (1972), the couple settled in Plano, Texas where they began the work of growing a church in the Dallas metroplex.  They served as pastor at Abundant Life Church from 1976-1981 during which time the church grew from approximately thirty members to well over four hundred.  In 1981, the Manguns moved back to Alexandria, Louisiana and became co-pastor with his father. He now serves as Senior Pastor of the Pentecostals of Alexandria.  Pastor Mangun is a well-known and gifted speaker, participating in conferences across America as well as around the world.  He has served in an advisory capacity to the local District Board of the Louisiana District UPC.  He also served two years as an Executive Presbyter for the United Pentecostal Church, International.


The daughter of an East Texas pioneer minister, Royal D. Gibson, and his wife, Eula, Vesta Mangun is an author, the featured speaker at conferences and camp meetings across our nation and around the world.   In addition, she is an anointed vocalist and musician who has been invited to sing at the inauguration of two Louisiana Governors.  She was honored in 2015 to be selected as one of the YWCA 2015 Decades of Women representing women of the 80s decade (of age).  Vesta is the Widow of the late G. A. Mangun, Bishop of The Pentecostals of Alexandria (sixty-seven years of marriage), mother to one son and daughter-in-law and grandmother to two grandchildren and two grandchildren in marriage and two great-grandchildren.


Real Colors – Lynn Rogers & Carly Rogers

$12 Materials Fee

Do you want to know your communication style and how to communicate more effectively in business, at home, in the community and at church? If so, this highly interactive, hands-on class is for you!  Real Colors is a tool that helps you quickly and accurately identify your own temperament and that of your clients, peers, family, and ministries. Because the Real Colors tool has been used in a variety of groups at POA for years, continuing to expand this tool allows POA leaders, ministers, and members to learn a common language to help discuss communications styles and temperaments.

The father-daughter facilitator team of Lynn Rogers and Carly Rogers have presented this workshop to a variety of POA groups, including JCrew and RUSH students, POA Training Center Interns, Journey Students, and several Life Classes since first becoming Certified Real Colors Facilitators in the fall of 2015.


Lynn Rogers was first introduced to Real Colors during a 2004 marriage retreat. Shortly afterwards, he began working with the POA Real Colors team to present pre-marital training to couples.  As a thirty-something year veteran of student ministry in four churches in three states, Lynn serves as a Ministry Team Leader and Section Minister for the POA.  He loves his bi-weekly teen bible study, which keeps him in touch with his student ministry roots.  Lynn holds a B.S. in Biomedical Engineering and an M.S. in Healthcare Administration and currently works as Facility Strategic Planner for the Alexandria VA Health Care System.

Carly Rogers first took the Real Colors assessment at age thirteen, and again as a senior in high school.  Later, as a student at LSUA, she was delighted for the opportunity to become a Real Colors facilitator, and has applied the information to her work in POA Kids and with the LA District UPC Kids Camp SALT Team for over six years.  As a student at LSUA, she re-established the apostolic campus ministry at LSUA, Link, and saw it become an official chapter of the UPCI Campus Ministry International and an officially recognized LSUA student organization before graduating in 2017 with a B.S. in Psychology.  She is currently a Line Technician at the Louisiana Autism Center and owns a fashion clothing business while pursuing an M.S. in Counseling at University of Louisiana Monroe.


Temple Cleansing:  Journey to Abundant Life – Ritha Warren

I Corinthians 6:19  “What?  Know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own?”  Sharing from her own personal pursuit toward Abundant Life from a lifetime of food addiction and other destructive behaviors, Ritha will facilitate this interactive class. The class is for men and women.  We will explore clean eating and small steps towards wholeness in mind, body, soul and spirit with open discussion and recipe sharing.


Ritha Warren and her husband, Kevin have been members of POA for 14 years. They are part of the POA Faith & Wellness ministry. Before coming to POA, they have also worked as a team in Young Marrieds ministry and providing pre-marital counseling. Ritha is an active choir member and has a long history of music ministry and leadership. She has been a Registered Nurse for seventeen years. She has enjoyed assisting with past Temple Cleansing Life Classes and considers it an honor to share her ongoing journey with others.


They Arose and Trimmed Their Lamps – Finessa Parsons and Steve Smart

The word of God is our lifeline as disciples of Jesus, and we must truly learn to cherish its every word.  Our class will present strategies to help you become a better student of the word of God.  We will provide insight into the important historical landmarks in the development of the King James Bible. We will give a brief introduction to underlying manuscripts, discuss newly found manuscripts and how they relate to the body of text in different translations of the Bible, and we will discuss how those changes affect scriptural doctrines. We would love to have you in our class as we endeavor to see our Lord ever more clearly through His magnificent word.

*The book of this same title is available in The White Steeple Bookstore and is co-authored by the teachers.  The book is not required for the class but may provide clarification on topics discussed in class.


Finessa Parsons has been a member of POA and resident of Pineville, Louisiana, since 2004, teaching the Word for over fifty years. Her teaching experience has been in Sunday School classrooms, children’s ministries, home Bible studies, and adult teacher training. She and her husband established Home Bible study departments in several churches and after becoming a widow she assisted four years in establishing a home missions church. Previously she was on staff in POA Orientation, assisted in the evangelism ministry under Brother Marshall coordinating Home Bible Studies with new converts and teacher training sessions including POATC. In the past Finessa has written Bible curriculum used in children’s ministries, adult orientation classes and is currently serving on the staff of Discover My POA as Assistant Coordinator for Discover Your Start.


Brother Smart attended LSU Baton Rouge, graduating in the field of Social Sciences in 1972. He was born again in the early 70’s and attended the First UPC of Denham Springs, La under Pastor W.R. Johnson for twenty four years until his retirement in ’99 and moving to Pineville La, attending POA. After being involved with home Bible studies, ministry training and spiritual growth programs, Steve felt a strong and compelling urge to explore why the King James Bible was so popular and in addition why so many folks are dropping the importance of the literal interpretation of the scriptures. Steve feels that what we’re seeing today is very confusing when more than one Bible version is used in a Bible study. After sixteen years of focusing on the pursuit of this truth about the Bible version confusion, Steve will explain why we have so many Bibles, why they are so different, and where he believes this confusion is heading.


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