We ARE stronger together

Friends, we are, without a doubt, walking in unprecedented times for our generation.  There are unique challenges as well as unmistakable opportunities.  In this unusual season, we want to grow stronger as individuals so that as a body of believers we will be #StrongerTogether when this season is behind us.  So, how do we grow stronger?  We first recognize that God created us mind, body, and spirit.  Then, we address these three areas through God’s Word. Over the next three weeks, you will be provided with devotions to use during your Family Night.  These devotions will provide a jump-start thought for you to share with your family as well as some suggestions for applying the Word to everyday living. Join us!


PS  Be sure to tune in on Tuesdays and Thursdays for morning video devotions, Wednesday for worship devotions, and Thursday evenings for POAKids Connections.


WEEK 1 - Devotions

Video Devotions

Music Devotion


WEEK 2 - Devotion

Video Devotions

Music Devotion


WEEK 3 - Devotion

Video Devotions

Music Devotion



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